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  • Simple Self-care Ideas for busy parents

    Simple Self-care tips for exhausted parents

    October is Emotional Wellness Month. And in a year that has brought its own set of unique challenges, it’s probably more important than ever that we take some time to check in on ourselves.

    For months everyone has been carrying an extra load brought on by this global pandemic, and some days it’s easy to forget to be kind to yourself.

    Being surrounded by a great online community of wise and wonderful people, I asked them the simple question “What does self-care mean to you?”.

    The answers were varied, but the overall theme was clear. Taking care of yourself isn’t about expensive things or making an appointment. It’s about finding moments of calm, and making yourself a priority.

    Here are some of the gems that my awesome gang shared. (And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll schedule in a few of these right away…)

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  • Simple Steps to Reduce Plastic Use

    Plastic Free July Ideas. What can we do today to reduce consumption of Plastic? With 8 millions tons of plastic ending up in our oceans every year, we believe it's important for everyone to do what they can to make their impact on the planet smaller. So to support the Plastic Free July global ini... View Post