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Muscle Release Tools

Cork self massage roller, ball and peanut for ease muscle release.

Self care that looks good, MOBECO stylish recovery and muscle mobility tools help you feel good, recover fast and they do look good, forget the brightly coloured, tacky rollers and balls. 

​The Cork Rollie is perfect for larger muscle groups like quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and thoracic spine. This Environmentally friendly foam Roller is more intense than regular rollers due to its smaller diameter and firm material. Cork roller covers larger areas at a time for fast relief of aches and pains, so it is less intense than the Cork Baller and Cork Peanut. 

The Cork Baller is perfect for every spot, hips, glutes, back, chest, trapezius the list goes on. Our most versatile tool but also the most intense as the Cork Baller uses a smaller surface area and uses only one point of pressure. 

 This is the tool you can take anywhere. It's light weight, petit, and can be used discreetly under your desk.

 It also feels good to look after our environment, all Mobeco muscle recovery props are made with natural products connecting you with the Earth.

Shipping: this collection is only available in AUSTRALIA. If you wish to order to another location, please get in touch at and we will check if we could get it sent.

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