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Sand Free Beach Towels

Ecofriendly No Sand Beach Towels

Kaiko Australia was born on the shores of beautiful Noosa whilst soaking up the sun and listening to waves break. A beach towel brand that not only captures our beachy Australian culture but is also kinder to the mother Earth.

With 8 millions tons of plastic ending up in our oceans every year, we believe it's important for everyone to do what they can to make their impact on the planet smaller. 

Where we put our money matters, and we believe you deserve to feel good when spending it. Our aim was to offer beach towels that love our oceans, and Kaiko Australia Towels and Ponchos are doing just that. Each beach towel is made with the equivalent of 20 plastic bottles in the form of recycled polyester (RPET). Now this doesn't impact the quality or feel of our towels, in fact they're so soft and comfy, they almost feel indulgent. Let’s clean our planet one towel at a time!

Love matching with your Minis? We have two ponchos design to match the Beach Towels. 

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