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Simple Steps to Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic Free July Ideas. What can we do today to reduce consumption of Plastic?

With 8 millions tons of plastic ending up in our oceans every year, we believe it's important for everyone to do what they can to make their impact on the planet smaller. So to support the Plastic Free July global initiative this year we have curated a few exciting new collections that are made from that are made from recycled plastic bottles!

And we have also put together a list of simple steps we all can take to reduce consumption of Virgin Plastic:

1. Bring reusable shopping bags with you.

Why we love the reusable shopping bags? Because they are super light and fit in your handbag, car, even a bike pouch. And don't forget, they are not only for grocery shopping, they can be used to carry any shopping! Our friends at The Other Bag create tote bags from 100% regenerated nylon that comes from abandoned fishing nets, discarded plastics and other nylon waste

2. Use healthier and planet friendlier drink bottles.

Did you know that over 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world. Single-use plastic water bottles are a major source of pollution, they require up to 700 years to dissolve, they clog landfills and require large amounts of energy and water to make and transport.

Check out our range of reusable plastic-free stainless steel bottle here.

stainless steel water bottles

3. Bring your travel cup or insulated water bottle for your take away coffee.

Besides the plastic lid and plastic straw, paper cups are lined with a plastic coating, which is not good for humans or environment. And also most coffee shops over an incentive if you bring your mug with you.

4. Choose paper produce bags in supermarkets.

Quite often produce bags are unnecessary, trust me, onion won't mind hanging out with the carrots and apples in the same bag. However if you absolutely have to keep them separate opt for a paper bag.

5. Choose milk in returnable glass bottles.

Our kids have been enjoying the fresh milk from Schultz Organic, that comes in glass bottles, we can return back to the store. Unfortunately, the milk bottle still come with an unrecyclable plastic cap, but it is better than milk contained in plastic on all sides.

We also love the collection of Eco-friendly Bath Toys that are made from recycled milk cartons.

6. Opt for toilet paper that’s not wrapped in plastic.

Who Gives a Crap brand toilet paper comes in a cardboard box with rolls in the cutest paper-wrap. They also donate 50% of their profits to build toilets and sanitation in developing countries.

7. Swap for a glass blender.

Did you know that the plastic pitchers of high-speed blenders contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals? Look for a blender with a glass jug as a safer alternative.

8. Avoid using non-stick cookware.

Cookware coated with Teflon or other resins give off toxic perfluorochemicals when heated.

9. Take your water bottle with you on the plane!

Did you know that you can bring your own water on a plane? Make sure it is empty when going through security and just fill it up at the drinking fountain once you are through. 

10. Get off mailing lists if they use plastic envelope windows.

Switch to online billing and online statements to avoid those having to dispose of plastic windows that eventually end up in the ocean.

Hope you find these tips useful!

Check our Eco-friendly Collections in Store:

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Sand Free Beach Towels made from Recycled Plastic

sand free beach towels


Matching Mum and Kids raincoat made from recycled plastic bottles.

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