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raincoat for kids colour changing red and yellow

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Colour Changing Umbrella and Raincoat?!


The wonderful team at Upper Notch Club generously donated two products from the incredible colour changing range of rainwear from the brand Holly & Beau. One member of our admin team took them to the test with her gorgeous daughters, and here were her thoughts.

“As soon as I opened the package containing the Colour Changing Umbrella I knew my daughter would absolutely love it – the bright coloured yellow and the gorgeous white carousel horses are definitely something she would love. Luckily for us, the clouds opened up and it started to rain and we were able to test out the umbrella straight away, you can imagine my daughters delight! She absolutely adores the rain.

The umbrella is incredibly lightweight, whilst super sturdy. I was honestly surprised at how much of my daughter it sheltered from the rain, most kid umbrellas are very small and rarely cover their school bag.


As soon as the rain came down – the magic begun! The once white horses started to change colour to lovely shades of bright pink, blue and even aqua. We were so amazed at how stunning this umbrella looked! My daughter couldn’t stop mentioning how magical it was.

After our walk I shook off the umbrella and the horses started to return back to white as the umbrella dried – just like magic!

The quality and the feel of this umbrella was brilliant and it is definitely something I would purchase as a gift for another little one to have just as much fun as my daughter did. The range of designs is impressive and there is definitely something for every child!

I highly recommend this beautiful umbrella if you are wanting to keep the kids active even in the rain, the sheer excitement around it will have the kids begging to go for a walk!


Now, for the Rain Coat….

It was pouring rain on the weekend and we were out and about at a cafe when it started pelting down, my 2 year old absolutely loves the rain and wanted to jump in the puddles (thanks Peppa Pig).

I had a quick ‘oh gosh’ moment and then remembered I received the lovely Colour Changing Rain Coat from Upper Notch Club.

I quickly ran to the car and zipped it on her. She had the most marvellous time splashing around and it was so exciting for her to see the cupcakes on her rain coat change colour!

Although the Rain Coat doesn’t contain PVC, I was surprised on how fantastically the material held up without a drop of rain on her clothing. Another thing I loved was the fact that it has a zip! No buttons to do up or come undone. The Rain Coats are a nice long length, but I would recommend purchasing a size up as my 2 year old was wearing a size 3-4 and that fit her perfectly. What’s even more awesome, is that the Rain Coat has a pocket at the back which allows you to fold it up into one sweet little package! Once it’s dry, the colours magically fade away and the cute cupcakes turn back to white.

My 2 year old absolutely loved this raincoat.

Thank you once again to the amazing team at Upper Notch Club for providing our team with pieces from their Holly & Beau Kids Colour Changing Range. You can see their website here, shop the Rain Coats here or shop the Umbrellas here.

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