• The most gorgeous raincoats and umbrellas for kids! Quality is amazing and they prints change colour when wet! My son absolutely adores his. Customer service is also terrific!
    - Jessica Kate
  • Absolutely yes! We have three of the beautiful colour changing umbrellas (which is the best concept ever!), the kids love them and they are such great quality that I love them too. The hardest part is having to choose a favourite design:).
    - Natalie Dickinson
  • We have one of the dinosaur raincoats and my kids love it! how could you not, it's colour changing dinosaurs! super fast service, loads of communication. will be back for more!
    - Jen Burness
  • My girls absolutely love their colour changing umbrella! It is amazing quality too.
    - Emily Huntriss
  • My girls have the fairy colour changing wind proof raincoats. They absolutely adore wearing them and seeing the fairies dresses change. They are mighty enough to wear throughout the seasons and pack perfectly into the rear pocket of the jacket. I can't wait until my youngest can wear one also.
    - Debora Monjed
  • Always a great shopping experience! Fantastic online store, offering a range of unique products
    - Lacie O'Neill
  • "Great product sold by Upper Notch Club and great service that followed. Will buy from them again!"
    - F. Huang
  • "A wonderful product, my granddaughter wont let it out of her sight, she even took it into the bath with her."
    - Monica P.

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  • Matching Family Swimwear, Eco-friendly, Class 84 Tropical - Upper Notch Club
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  • Matching Family Swimwear, Eco-friendly, Class 84 Tropical - Upper Notch Club
  • Matching Family Swimwear, Eco-friendly, Class 84 Tropical - Upper Notch Club

Matching Family Swimwear, Eco-friendly, Class 84 Tropical

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