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Gift Ideas for Kids

Chose Unique Gifts for Kids

Spoil your little ones with some of our top selling products: tablecloth playhouses, matching swimwear with mum and dad, protective beach shoes, waterproof playmats, eco-friendly bath and beach toys  and more!

Love matching with you Mini? We have the most exciting collection for you then: swimwear for the whole family, parents and kids matching sand free towels, and mum and kids matching eco-friendly raincoats! Take your pick today!

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  1. Demar Kids' Lightweight Gumboots, Otter, Red - Upper Notch Club
  2. Demar Kids' Lightweight Gumboots, Otter, Black - Upper Notch Club
  3. travel wash bag blue camper van inspired toiletry bag
  4. kids gumboots demar yellow
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