What to do with the kids at home?

10 CREATIVE ACTIVITIES for KIDS to do at HOME Recommended by MUMS.

How to keep the kids occupied at home?

Let's face it, even the most creative mums do run out of ides, so we put our minds together with 10 awesome Mummy bloggers to bring you this fun activity kit packed with simple ideas. 

Click here to download detailed instructions, materials required and images.


1. Unicorn Slime

how to make slime at home

  2. Cubby House

tablecloth playhouse for kids

3. Galaxy Fizz

how to do fizz experiment with the kids

 4. Nature's Painting 

how to make eco-friendly paint for kids

5. Breathing mindfulness technique 

how to teach the kids breathing technique to relieve anxiety

6. Chickpea Foam Play

how to create chickpea foam at home

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