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Cork Yoga Block, Exercise Brick, Mobeco

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Cork Yoga & Stretch Block, Eco friendly

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Use it at home, take it to your Yoga class or your next trip to assist you with your Yoga practice anywhere. The Cork Block is designed with 3 height options to help you in settle in various stretch and yoga positions. Prop yourself up with this eco friendly piece of yoga equipment and work within the range that is comfortable for you.

The durable natural (and recyclable) cork surface provides an excellent grip that will not compromise its shape.

What can you use yoga blocks for?

This stunning Cork Yoga Block is perfect for stretching, yoga, general exercise, and movement. Yoga block or Exercise brick is often used as an extension of your arms, but can also support the back, head and hips to help the body settle into a pose, it can help you extend your reach, deepen your dips, make more difficult poses accessible by shortening the distance between you and the floor (Your Yoga teacher might mention that it “brings the floor closer to you”).

What Poses can the Yoga Block help with?

Just a few of our favourites:

In chest opening poses, such as Fish or Camel, if placed along the bra line, the Block will allow for thoracic spine extension and deeper opening.

When Yoga Block is used for your Bridge poses, a supported, more restorative variation, it allows for an added release of the hip flexors and abdominal muscles. With this various you can also hold this pose much longer, resulting in increased benefits.

In Balance poses such as Half Moon place your hand on a yoga block rather than directly on the floor, this will allow you to focus on externally rotating your spine rather than on keeping your balance.

📋Cork Yoga Block Description:

  • ♻️100% natural eco friendly cork;
  • 3 heights for support in various positions;
  • Rounded edges for increased comfort;
  • Durable designs stays strong through regular use 
  • At home exercise prop; 
  • Easy to use;
  • Deepens and supports your yoga poses;
  • Aids pose progression;
  • Lightweight, durable, sweat proof and safe for the environment;
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly;
  • Biodegradable and recyclable;
  • Stylish Earthy Designs;
  • Designed in Australia.


  • Size: 23cm long, 15cm wide, 8cm high
  • Weight: 700g.

🚚Shipping and Dispatch:

This product is dispatched within 2 business days.

It is shipped ONLY within Australia. 

Care instructions:

  • Designed for use indoors on a hard flat surface.
  • Spot clean with soapy water and dry with a cloth.


What is cork?

Cork is a 100% natural plant tissue from the bark of the cork oak. It consists of a hive of microscopic cells containing a gas identical to air. It has a range of uses associated with its attributes that no technology has yet managed to replicate or exceed.

Why cork?

Cork is a naturally durable and long lasting product. It's nonporous, so it will NOT absorb sweat and bacteria like foam products. Cork is 100% natural and does not harm the cork oak tree in the harvest process. The cork is taken from the bark and allows the tree to continue growing.