Christmas Gift Ideas and Quiz to determine what type of gift-giver you are.


You’ve got your own style, even when it comes to buying gifts. Are you a long-term planner, or a last-minute grabber? Do you love the thrill of finding that perfect individual gift or do your eyes glaze over after five minutes of scrolling through options?

At Upper Notch Club, we know you’re all different. So we’ve made it easy to buy for your special somebodies with this handy guide to buying according to your personality and values.

Take a look at our gift-giving personality types below…which one are you?

Christmas gift ideas for those who have it all


Gimme, gimme

You’ve got great taste, so why shouldn’t the people you love benefit from that? You enjoy the thrill of buying something you (not-so-secretly) covet, without spending money on yourself. Luxurious beach towel? A picnic table for balmy evenings? Tick, tick. (And if you accidentally ‘add to cart’ a little something extra for you, it’ll be our secret…)

Gifts to highlight:

 folding wine picnic table

Sustainable and beautiful

With all the excesses of the festive season, it’s natural that you may want to give gifts that tread lightly on the earth. Re-purposed materials and multi-use gifts that do away with the need for single-use items are your go-to. You believe kids’ presents should last longer than a season, like these gorgeous bath toys and beach play sets, and you like to seek out brands that use repurposed materials in a surprising way.

Gifts to highlight:


You don’t do knick-knacks. Your gifts will never sit around, gathering dust – they’ll be hard at work. Your focus is on giving family and friends gorgeous things that will get used and appreciated every day. Your greatest satisfaction comes from giving your loved one a gift that they didn’t know they needed, but now can’t live without – like these take-anywhere drink bottles. This festive season you’ll be all about gifts that are durable, beautiful and super-handy – just like you.


Gifts to highlight:

 ledd beach shoes for adults

Bringing the fun

This is for all the fun aunts and wacky siblings. You’ve built your reputation over the years as the family member most likely to bring the quirk-factor to Christmas, and your presents always deliver the unexpected. Whether it is a raincoat that changes colour when wet, a tablecloth that instantly creates a cubbyhouse, or a swing that’s actually a plane, that surprise factor means you will retain your title as everyone’s favourite gift-giver. 

Gifts to highlight:


Movers and shakers

You live an active life, and give gifts that encourage the people you love to get outdoors and enjoy nature. No matter the season, you’ve got an al fresco lifestyle covered, with packable raincoats, hammocks, and great ideas for outdoor dining.

And for the little people in your life, matching Mum and Mini activewear and these gorgeous round yoga mats will help them develop healthy habits from early on.

Gifts to highlight:


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