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Magic Colour-Changing Rainwear!

It’s funny that society changes us as parents. We’re constantly ‘fed’ that allowing children to get messy & dirty is bad parenting & that ‘You’ll catch a cold’ if you go out in the rain.

As the years have passed, I’ve learnt that parenthood isn’t about keeping my children indoors, safe, warm and dry all the time, it’s about occasionally letting them be kids, letting them soak up these little things that often we forget to as adults.

I’ve re-discovered the joy in little things; The sensation of scooping up little freezing marbles of hail with your fingers, or squishing your hands through mud. The feeling of tilting your face towards the sky as raindrops fall or watching natures ‘light show’ when a storm rolls in, rather than closing the blinds.

When was the last time you deliberately stood in the rain? We’re usually rushing through it, as quick as we can, from point a to point b as if it’s really hindering our day.

How long since you’ve squished your fingers through mud or lay on the grass & watched different shaped clouds drift by? The magic of childhood is a wonderful thing!

Harlow & Harper recently received new raincoats from Upper Notch Club. When I came across these rain coats I knew the boys, especially Harlow, would love them! Not only do they protect from the rain, they come in a heap of cute patterns & all have the same feature- they change colour when wet!!

Boy did we have fun testing them out! Harlow & Harper couldn’t believe their eyes when they watched the little vehicles transform from white to multicoloured in the rain. They absolutely loved jumping around, splashing in puddles & dancing in the rain!

& the best part… The boys got to enjoy dancing in the rain, stomping in muddy puddles & having the time of their lives, but remained dry and warm! (Well at least on their top half) 🙌🏼

If you’re looking for new raincoats (or umbrellas) this wet season, check out all of the cute colour-changing items. There are so many cute patterns & they’d make a great Easter gift!

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