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Kids Yoga Mats

Printed Yoga Mats and Soft Round Mindfulness Mats

One size does not fit all when it comes to yoga mats, especially for your little ones. Equip young yogis with the gear to support their practice!

Kids Yoga Mats are designed to engage children in independent practice. The Omya Spot teaches children to self direct their learning using interactive graphics that support simple mindfulness activities, games and techniques. Yogat Kids' Yoga Mat is designed for kids 0–5 years old and combines the art and yoga practice; the first of its kind in Australia. These premium eco-friendly mats are made from 100% recycled and natural materials. A soft-touch microfibre and non-slip surface helps kids keep their footing, providing both extra grip and absorbency.


Omya Spot collection is only available in AUSTRALIA and New Zealand.

Yogat Yoga Mats are shipped globally.

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